Netty and Viv

Annette Zera and Viv Szekeres are sisters living in England and South Australia. They made these books thinking of Esther, Jarrah, George, William, Cora, Lola, Sam and Fred. Thanks go to Janet Ayliffe, South Australian artist and teacher for all her advice and encouragement and to her students in the Hahndorf Art Class for their generous enthusiasm and support. 

A third book will be out early next year!

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Grandma Gets a Visitor

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Grandma gets a Visitor

It is dusk and Grandma has been watering the garden when, turning off the tap, she accidentally shakes a tree and a family of baby birds fall out of their nest. Of course this (true) story ends happily but not without some drama! The paintings that illustrate this story are just gorgeous. Grandma Gets A Fright is written and illustrated by two sisters, one living in the U.K. and the other in Australia. Enjoyed by children aged 2 - 6. 

Grandma Gets a Fright

Try a sample here

Grandma gets a Fright

Albert, a much loved ginger cat, is very put out when his owners have babies.  He finds himself ignored and then treated like another toy by the invading toddlers.  Until Grandma comes to the rescue. This story, written in the style of a Cautionary Tale, is very funny and gorgeously illustrated. Grandma Gets A Visitor is written and illustrated by two sisters, one living in the U.K. and the other in Australia. Enjoyed by children aged 2 upwards.


Getting on Brilliantly: 
Recipes for Successful Meetings

Written with my friend Dr. Susan Murray, Getting on Brilliantly is a collection of group process tools and ideas that help people work well together. It contains over 80 different ideas of how to get the most out of different kinds of meetings with clear step-by-step instructions. The book is written for leaders, managers and anyone wanting to develop their facilitation skills.

It will help you make sure that:

– meetings are enjoyed, rather than endured
– discussions are focussed
– decisions are informed and intelligent
– there is a balance of power and participation